New Series?!

Hey, you guys. I see that I am slacking ALOT on making blogs…I feel that nobody reads them. *.* So If you do, comment and say I do like reading these so I can keep making more…or I will just delete me blogsite. Okay, SO…I made a new series…if any of you know. It’s called accept the truth. Its basically about a guy named Tucker finds out he has a daughter at the age of 8. Will he accept the truth, see his real daugher and stay with her mother and her? Will he slowly fall in love with the mother, Kalina? Or will he not have a heart and not care? This story is all about taking chances, going the way YOU want to go, and accepting what is right infront of you. So..yeah. Check that out. (=

Inspirational talk for the day…

Our lives, me and you, all have stuggles. I know…I know…there is drama here and there, things you don’t want to do and are forced to do. But make it better. Be happy about you and who you are. About the things, and the struggles that happen to you. If you make the best of it, you will be so happy. Don’t let others tear you apart.  Others can NOT tear you apart. Are THEY YOU? NO.  You be You. You only get ONE shot at life. ONE. SO MAKE IT GOOD.  I am thinking about making little inspirational talks here and there on here. Because I see so many bad things happen in the world, and I dont want YOU to go threw it. So I have GOT to get inspirational.

Okay, I am maybe going to create a website. And it WILL be a good one. (= Talk to you guys later. Oh! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!