New blog! (:

Hey guys. So I got a blog for you all! Yay! So I made another wordpress on here but stupid me spelt miracles wrong. I must have been typing to fast! So yeah (: Thats that! I have been working on a music video called Dream by Pricilla Ahn. I cant wait for it! I am going to be putting up a video in about 10 mintues of where to contact me at. Here, twitter, youtube, website, and all those goodies. Well comment me and tell me what you want to here from me on here. I will talk about updates and stuff but I would also like some topics to talk about and discuss. (: So its mostly sims and then if anyone is brave enough to say some fun/hard topics I could choose and say my opinion just say so! I mean I am not alll about sims. If you were a girl and had friend problems or a guy that had girl problems or ANYTHING I am here for you and willing to talk about it and give my advice. Why don’t you just call me doctor Phil. Lmao. Not. So yeah I am about sims and updates along with anybody who needs my help on here. Lots of people have been asking me who my partner is for my next sims2 series! Dont worry about it! It is a secret for now! She is really good with writing and filming and I think you all know her. Well talk to you guys later and Comment on my blog! FAV THIS site (my profile thingie) so you can see what is all goin on!!! (:



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