New Series?!

Hey, you guys. I see that I am slacking ALOT on making blogs…I feel that nobody reads them. *.* So If you do, comment and say I do like reading these so I can keep making more…or I will just delete me blogsite. Okay, SO…I made a new series…if any of you know. It’s called accept the truth. Its basically about a guy named Tucker finds out he has a daughter at the age of 8. Will he accept the truth, see his real daugher and stay with her mother and her? Will he slowly fall in love with the mother, Kalina? Or will he not have a heart and not care? This story is all about taking chances, going the way YOU want to go, and accepting what is right infront of you. So..yeah. Check that out. (=

Inspirational talk for the day…

Our lives, me and you, all have stuggles. I know…I know…there is drama here and there, things you don’t want to do and are forced to do. But make it better. Be happy about you and who you are. About the things, and the struggles that happen to you. If you make the best of it, you will be so happy. Don’t let others tear you apart.  Others can NOT tear you apart. Are THEY YOU? NO.  You be You. You only get ONE shot at life. ONE. SO MAKE IT GOOD.  I am thinking about making little inspirational talks here and there on here. Because I see so many bad things happen in the world, and I dont want YOU to go threw it. So I have GOT to get inspirational.

Okay, I am maybe going to create a website. And it WILL be a good one. (= Talk to you guys later. Oh! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!


Open Your Eyes- Music Video

Well, finally, after a month and a half, I decided to play sims again. And with that, a music video was created :-]

ManEater is Out, Babaaayy!

Maneater is now out! Yeeaaahh! I made it in like 2 days. Haha. While my partner is creating characters and stuff like that, I am making machimas,music videos, and tutorials so if there is ANY request….comment me or pm me on youtube and I will see if I can do it/what I can do (:

Almost 300 subbers?!?! Music Video?! My secret partner?!

Hey again everybody! I have been busy with life and such so youtube has been put aside for awhile. But now that I am on spring break, I can get back on track! The weather where I live is amazing (: It was 90 degreese outside yestuday!!! Anywho, enough jibber jabbering about weather…… . So I am almost at 300 subscribers. I know that doesn’t seem like much but its like going so quickly for me. One day its 170 subbers the next day its 176! Its crazy! But that is a GOOD thing! So once I get 30 subscribers, I am hoping I get to tell you about the new series me and my secret partner are working on. (: I will NOT announce her name yet because we need to like get started on the series first and then we will tell people. She is an amazing filmer and writer so it will be fun working with her. I bet you all know her! I am working on a music video…called Dream by Pricilla Ahn and idk if I want to do it or not….I guess I should since I am 2 mintues into it….but I also want to create more of a ‘pop’ type of music video. I am kinda thinking ‘Maneater’ by Nelly. But I am not sure yet. For now though, I will work on dream. Its not the greatest piece of work though, that is why I am not sure if I want to do it. Well tell me what you guys think or anyother song suggestions. I bet your asking why is she doing all these music videos!? That is because I am waiting for my secret partner to fill me in with details on our series. So for now, I am just fiddling around with sims. (: Well comment on this blog and have a good day! 😀


New blog! (:

Hey guys. So I got a blog for you all! Yay! So I made another wordpress on here but stupid me spelt miracles wrong. I must have been typing to fast! So yeah (: Thats that! I have been working on a music video called Dream by Pricilla Ahn. I cant wait for it! I am going to be putting up a video in about 10 mintues of where to contact me at. Here, twitter, youtube, website, and all those goodies. Well comment me and tell me what you want to here from me on here. I will talk about updates and stuff but I would also like some topics to talk about and discuss. (: So its mostly sims and then if anyone is brave enough to say some fun/hard topics I could choose and say my opinion just say so! I mean I am not alll about sims. If you were a girl and had friend problems or a guy that had girl problems or ANYTHING I am here for you and willing to talk about it and give my advice. Why don’t you just call me doctor Phil. Lmao. Not. So yeah I am about sims and updates along with anybody who needs my help on here. Lots of people have been asking me who my partner is for my next sims2 series! Dont worry about it! It is a secret for now! She is really good with writing and filming and I think you all know her. Well talk to you guys later and Comment on my blog! FAV THIS site (my profile thingie) so you can see what is all goin on!!! (: